Electric Cars

So, some weeks ago, I got to see what looked like electric cars for the first time in my life. Or were they hybrid? But, they definitely were being charged, so they must have an electric motor that drives them. Interestingly, I’ve read so much about the coming wave of electric vehicles, with Tesla being the darling of the industry and recent pronouncements by countries and automobile companies to switch to full electric transportation in years to come, from China, to India, to Volvo. The future seems interesting.

I’m not surprised seeing electric cars in Sweden, it’s the most sustainable country in the world. Here in Sweden, the emphasis is on sustainability and environmental impact from the way they use products and services. Intra-city buses here in Linköping run on biofuel, household waste is mostly recycled, and a large percentage of the population bikes.


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-21 at 1.04.47 PM (1)

Those bikes you see up there are not for sale – owned by students and staff of my university. Biking is pretty a culture in Sweden.

You definitely want to be here. I hope I get to drive an electric car soon. 🙂


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